Apr 10, 2015 – Mario Cipollini was at “Like Bike” in Monte Carlo presenting a fantastic deluxe version of one of our most prominent models: RB1000 Luxury Edition.

Cipollini PR

Cipollini wanted to create something new and without precedents, going beyond the limits and producing this Luxury Edition in Gold (40 grams / 18 carats), Platinum (12 grams in head tube & 110 grams in down tube) and Diamonds (17 carats).

This lavish bike is a great mix of high quality jewelry and innovative technology, a true expression of what Made in Italy really means. The result is an elegant and polished piece of art. A bike that is meant to last forever.

“With the Cipollini, not only is the frame an exotic carbon fiber design, but it’s paired with some of best technology out there. It also comes with electronic shifting.” Dave Adornato, owner of Montclair Bikery in N.J.

Price: $54,000

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