It’s hard not to like Cinelli, the historic Italian bike manufacturer that defines words like “pedigree” in the cycling industry. But when the company breaks out a new gravel bike called the King Zydeco, well, there is just no way for it to go unnoticed. While its name conjures of images of some serious New Orleans “fonkiness,” as Dr. John would say, its looks are all about speed and elegance.


Its gently sloping lines and road-centric geometry simply look fast. And Cinelli says flatly that the King Zydeco is all about riding fast on paved roads or rough off-roads, as it mixes lightweight racing geometry while the frame can accommodate up to a 2.1-inch tire. Meanwhile the frame’s double-response system allows for a seamless combination of stiffness and comfort. To achieve this, the King Zydeco’s down tube continues past the bottom bracket to increase stiffness, while the continuous design of the rear stays into the top tube raises the comfort and allows the cyclist to ride for hours.

For those looking for the classic Cinelli steel feel on gravel, its traditional Nemo gravel bike undoubtedly will click a lot of boxes. A traditional non-sloping main triangle confirms that the Nemo was born from Cinelli’s timeless design. Yet the 2020 Nemo boasts subtle modifications like a frame geometry that allows for up to 40mm tires and extended rear stays that assure greater stability on fast, technical dirt tracks. Little matter if your tastes are more aligned with the old school or the new school of cycling, Cinelli’s gravel bikes offer something for everyone.

looking for the classic cinelli steel

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