While the rest of the cycling computer world has been focused on power, navigation and connectivity, Cateye has continued to develop the humble cycling computer as it was first envisioned. Their new Adventure combines all the features of a standard cycling computer – speed, distance, time, averages, maximums, – with an altimeter and climb angle readout. We love the addition of altitude and slope. When you are just riding (and not training) things like altitude and the percentage of the grade you just climbed define your ride far better than any waypoint or kilojoule total can.

Scrolling between the display functions is simplified with Cateye’s ClickTec Plus single button design. This humble cycling computer also outlives any GPS enabled device when to comes to battery life, approximately 10months. Cateye rounds out the Adventure with features like home altitude, temperature and second bike sensor recognition. It does it all with a digital wireless sensor. If your iPhone is tracking your ride in your pocket for later upload to STRAVA, the Adventure is perfect for your bars. Did we mention it only weighs 30grams and costs $100? Do you ride with power? Do you navigate new roads by GPS? If you answered ‘no’ to these questions the Cateye Adventure will take care of you just fine and leave a few hundred bucks in your pocket.

Price: $100 More: cateye.com