Castelli Perfetto ROS Women’s Long Sleeve Jacket A one-stop jacket for fall, spring and mild winter conditions

It’s not an unreasonable request, expecting more from your gear. Cycling clothing can get quite pricey—especially cold weather gear—so finding a layer that can hold its own through a wide range of cool temperatures and foul weather is essential. So when Castelli comes along and boasts one jacket for a variety of conditions, including cool-weather training and extreme weather racing, we take notice. The Perfetto ROS W Long Sleeve Jacket really is a one-stop layer for fall, spring and mild winter conditions.


The Perfetto ROS makes ample use of GORE-TEX material, with the brand’s INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER 205 Warm material on the front to trap in heat, and its INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER 203 Stretch material on the back for a comfortable, breathable fit. The combination of different Gore-Tex materials creates a jacket that’s light enough to not make you feel bogged down, and that doesn’t take away any range of motion away from you on the bike. But at the same time, it offers a high heat to weight ratio and withstands all kinds of winter weather. And it fits close enough that it could serve as a mid-layer for extreme-cold riding.

Layered with just a baselayer underneath, this jacket has kept us cozy down into the low 40-degree-Fahrenheit range, even with wind and rain. With a heavier baselayer, there’s no reason it can’t serve you down into freezing temperatures.

Rather than being too cold, our issue more often when wearing this jacket is being too warm. But thanks to the ventilation zippers, one on each side of the front, we have had little in the way of over-heating while wearing this little number.

The ROS in this jacket’s name stands for “rain or shine,” meaning it’s designed to stand up to wet weather. It includes taped shoulder seams and water resistant fabric to keep things nice and dry. These features have served us well, keeping us warm through rainy California winter rides at near-freezing temperatures, when our riding partners were quite miserable. But we weren’t expecting anything less. After all, this jacket comes from the same bloodline as Castelli’s Gabba jersey, made famous for its fortitude through famously nasty Belgian spring classics.

We also appreciate the little things about this jacket, like a dropped tail that keeps your butt dry, pockets that are large enough to access while wearing gloves, and small reflective details throughout for extra low-light visibility.

At $230, this jacket is not cheap, but it is definitely one of the most versatile jackets in our arsenal that we can safely call upon through three seasons for most conditions that we would reasonably want to ride in. You’ll get a lot of wear out of this jacket.