Bonafide Gear: Two For Tuesday 9/10

Knog Oi Luxe bell
We never thought we’d be lusting after a bicycle bell, but that was before we saw Knog’s Oi Luxe. It’s a low-profile CNC-machined bell, equally at home on a commuting bike or a race bike on the weekend group ride. Stitched faux leather—which is a convincing imitation of the real thing—prevents the stainless steel ringer from scratching the handlebars, and grooves on the bottom of the bell prevent brake cables from pinching. Striking the brass dinger, you’ll hear a pleasant, friendly tone that won’t startle people as you pass them on the bike path—it sounds just as beautiful as it looks. Available in brass, matte black or silver, and in two sizes, you’ll find one that perfectly complements your bike. $40; 47g;

Elite Nero rollers
Long before cyclists racked up virtual miles around a digital island on smart trainers when the weather was less than stellar, we trained and warmed up on rollers. While today’s smart trainers are excellent training tools, they don’t simulate riding a bike quite as well as rollers. After all, on rollers, you are actually riding your bike. The Nero combines the best features of smart trainers and rollers into one product. Featuring two 2.7-kilogram flywheels, it provides a realistic road feel, adjusting resistance and slope (up to 7 percent) to match Zwift or Elite’s My E-Training workouts. In fact, it’s compatible with just about any program imaginable thanks to Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity. An integrated step makes starting your workout easier compared to traditional rollers. And when you’re done riding, it easily folds away. These are classic rollers updated for modern training. $900;