ASSOS Provides Sneak Peek at a “Hyperlight” Race Kit NTT Pro Cycling tested the in-development kit during Tour de France rest day

The Tour de France is a hotbed of new cycling tech. Some products are making their debut and are ready to go on sale immediately, while other products are still in development and under wraps. During a rest day at this year’s edition, Assos, the famed Swiss cycling apparel brand known for its bar-setting bibs, gave a sneak peek into its product pipeline, providing the NTT Pro Cycling team an experimental aerodynamic “hyperlight” kit that very well may represent the future of performance cycling apparel.


As there are no immediate plans to release this kit to the public, details are sparse, but Assos has revealed that the “hyperlight” kit is 30 percent lighter than the brand’s current lightest kit. Judging by the fact that you can see riders’ road-rash bandages under the side panel of the bibs, we don’t have a hard time believing that claim. Assos also says the kit is made from panels of ultralight, highly breathable textiles and that the kit cuts back on seams for further comfort.

Assos is keeping the kit pro-issue only for now, so we’re unlikely to see it on store shelves for at least another year. The brand will take feedback from the NTT Pro Cycling riders and go back to further develop the kit and hone the fit so it’s perfect when riders start to race in it and non-pros like ourselves can get our hands on it.

Whether the final product is named “hyperlight,” or it’s just a very apt place holder remains to be seen. Whatever it ends up being called, this kit has us excited for the future of high-end race apparel.