A Subtle Evolution: The 100% S3 100% takes the best of its lineup for a new performance sunglass

It must be nice to be one of the top cyclists in the world. You get to ride and test the best equipment, but sometimes you want even better than the best available, so you have it made.

• The S3 combines features from the S2 and Speedcraft.

• There are several lens options including Ultra HD, photochromic, and contrast-enhancing HiPER

Peter Sagan’s relationship with 100% has already created many solid road cycling sunglasses like the Speedcraft and Glendale. Now the company has another to add to that line, the S3. This new sunglass takes the best features from 100%’s line and combines them into shades that match the exacting standards of Sagan.

The S3 builds on both the Speedcraft and the S2, taking the generous intake vents of the former and combining them with the minimal frame of the latter. The less-angular design also appears to take some cues from the Glendale and its large coverage. The S3 isn’t rethinking the wheel; when starting with already great glasses, the changes are going to be subtle. But subtle tweaks can make a world of difference for performance gear.

Like the rest of 100%’s cycling glasses, the S3 has Ultra HD lenses treated to repel water, oil and dirt. There are also options for photochromic lenses as well as HiPER lenses with enhanced contrast.

Not all of us have the exacting standards to desire changes in already solid products, but winning Monuments and stages of cycling’s premier races will do that to you. And we all reap the benefits through better equipment.

$155-$195; ride100percent.com