3 Cool Bits: Camelbak, DeFeet, Assos #issue100gearfestival

Camelbak Podium 21oz
Through all the years the Camelbak Podium has been around, we haven’t been able to find much fault with anything about this bottle. It has, dare we say, a near-perfect design that delivers water and drink mix in a quick stream, as fast as you can drink. And just as quickly as it delivers that water, it seals off again to minimize any spills. We especially love the valve-lockout feature, which lets us transport bottles without leakage and confidently shake up drink mixes without the risk of spraying any across the kitchen. When not in use, it docks securely in most bottle cages and looks right at home on most any bike. $10; 6 colors; camelbak.com

ASSOS MILLE GT Summer SS Jersey c2: Voganski
It’s never too early to start thinking about summer riding. And maybe there’s no better motivation to train through the cold months than the thought of riding all summer long in a limited-edition, summer-weight jersey with styling inspired by LP cover art from the ’60s! Featuring a psychedelic-lava” pattern, the Voganski is the second generation of the ASSOS MILLE short-sleeve jersey. It features a regular fit (still tight, but not ASSOS race-jersey tight) and has been updated with soft, stretchy raw-cut sleeves and a new lightweight, breathable textile that dries faster than before—perfect for all the summer rides ahead. $130; 2 colors; us.assos.com

DeFeet Wooleator 6”
We have DeFeet to thank for making cycling socks great. Ever since the brand introduced its Aireator socks, the bar has risen for the entire industry on what performance socks should be—close fitting and moisture wicking, with styles to fit any personality. Luckily, DeFeet hasn’t let up in innovating this simple, yet critical, piece of gear. The Wooleator, a wool version of the original Aireator, is a thin, non-padded sock that provides the natural wicking ability and temperature regulation of wool. It’s a great year-round choice, especially when light rain or fog is in the forecast, or for tackling rides with variable weather. $16-$17 per pair; defeet.com

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