1949 Wilier Triestina: Fiorenzo Magni’s Tour de France winning bike From issue 01 • Images from Yuzuru Sunada

Fiorenzo Magni, the first Italian to win the grueling Tour of Flanders, went on to win it a total of three times from 1949-1951. Sponsored by Wilier Triestina, Magni rode this copper-colored “ramata” bike in the 1949 Tour de France, finishing in sixth place overall while helping his teammate, Fausto Coppi, win his first Tour de France. Fiorenzo also won the Giro d’Italia in 1948 and took first place in the 1950 Boule d’Or in Paris. Magni’s bike features a very early Campagnolo derailleur, drop bars and a solid fork crown. Wilier brought back the “ramata” finish in 2010 for select models sold only in Italy.