Dec 19, 2014 – Casual wear appears to be the next growth industry in the cycling apparel biz. It seems every company that has ever sewn a chamois into a pair of bibs is making a ‘casual’ line and with varying degrees of success. Today we bring you three of our favorite ‘casual’ pieces, items inspired by or intended for the bike, that will have you looking good at the office party as well.


DigDay6_2Betabrand Bike To Work Pants
Crowd-funded fashion? Yes it exists. Betabrand, a small San Francisco label drops new apparel weekly and gives customers the ability to save by funding a limited (made-in-San Francisco) run of the garment. Big hits get brought into the line more permanently, and one of the biggest hits has been its Bike to Work line. The gray pants feature a clean, slim, tailored look that delivers on the commute. A slight stretch and gusseted crotch provide nice movement while pedaling and a raised rear waist keeps unsightly commuter’s crack at bay. Reflective trim is visible when the cuff is rolled up—a feature Betabrand pioneered—and a reflective back pocket triangle can be pulled out for added visibility. A zippered rear pocket and hidden cell phone pocket add to the pants commuter cred.
Price: $118. More:


DigDay6_1Endura Urban Long Sleeve Shirt
Scots are just cool—Ewan McGregor, Sean Connery, Chris Hoy—plus they invented golf. Scottish apparel brand Endura makes beautiful road gear. We’ve fallen in love with the FS260-Pro SL bibs and all its fit options. But Endura has a big helping of Scottish cool too, and its Urban Long Sleeve Shirt cuts a slim, stylish line on or off the bike. It’s fitted for a cyclist’s physique with sleeves long enough to cover the wrists while in the riding position and without extra fabric to flap in the breeze. It’s got a slight stretch to it, an antibacterial finish, and Endura has woven reflective thread into the pattern so it doesn’t scream “I’m for bike riding” when you wear it at the office, but can be easily seen on the road when a car’s headlights hit it.
Price: $89.99. More:



DigDay6_3Rudy Project Steelium
Known for go-fast helmets and glasses, Rudy Project also offers two versions of the Steelium watch, designed at its R&D division in Italy. If you are a Rudy enthusiast, add this watch to your list.
Price: $750 more: