DigDay5_2Cycling In The South Bay
We’ve been following Seth Davidson’s writing for a long time, and thankfully he has created a book with some of his popular musings on the riding life. We like his writing so much, in fact, that you will now see the Wankmeister on the brand-new www.pelotonmagazine.com. To get you ready for weekly posts you should pick up his book. It’s worth it.





DigDay5_1Cav Vinyl Figure
Some people have spirit animals, but we have chosen the Cav Vinyl Figure, designed by Richard Mitchelson as our new spirit figure. Cav is featured in his national champion’s jersey and has removable Oakley Radarlock sunglasses. It may not make us faster, but it couldn’t hurt. Made by our friends at Rouleur.
Price: £40. More: rouleur.cc







DigDay5_4Drops Bespoke Printed Wallpaper
For those of you with wall space and a desire to dream about riding, check out the new project from Drops. You can choose from an ever-increasing gallery of images from Jered and Ashley Gruber and Geoff Waugh. You just input the size of your wall, crop and tweak the area required and purchase the wallpaper. Don’t tell your spouse you are ordering it and surprise her with a new kitchen look.
More: drps.cc