Dec 13, 2015 – Today is the first day of the 12 days of Dig. You’re not going to read about typical cycling goods, just products we come across and dig. Here is Day 1 of the 12 Days of Dig. Enjoy! 


parker-dusseau-utility-blazer-navy-flat-frontParker Dusseau Travel Blazer
Class. That’s what you’re getting here, and a perfect winter weight blazer too. Sleek  with stunning Italian gunmetal snaps throughout, a blend of materials from Switzerland and built in the USA. The jacket has matching pants in their respective Umber, Pewter, and Navy colors.
Price: $475.00. More:




034_pelotonLevi’s Jacket
We like all the Patagonia, North Face and Uniqlo puff-jacket options—but, let’s be honest, the only jacket in the history of the United States that says, “Hard man” is the Levi’s jacket with fake sheepskin lining. You don’t see many of them around anymore, but we plan to do our part to bring them back. Both sturdy and stylish, this jacket will not only keep you warm, but should you f ind yourself riding a bull or motorcycle, or in a late-night pool-hall fracas, this jacket will actually protect you.
Price: Unknown. More:




034_peloton 3Tracksmith Amateur Shirt
We liked the new running magazine produced by Tracksmith (Meter) and then started exploring their site and products. One of our favorites is this old team issued cotton shirt, made in New England. 
Price: $55.00. More: