Dec 24, 2016 – It’s the final day of the 12 Days of Dig, and as we move into the new year and the holiday’s peak, we bring you fresh gear for the new season.



spurcycle-bell-6-of-81-800x535A Bell for Any Bars. “A bell on my road bike? Never!” You may need to rethink that. It’s already law in some places and its spreading. But what would you put on your race bike? Spurcycle makes a gorgeous little stainless bell with a brass hammer that’s tone rings loud, true and long. Think of it as a happy greeting that also happens to keep everyone just a bit safer. Go for the black model and no one will even know it’s there, until they need to. But the bell is so beautiful you may just want to show it off with the raw stainless version. 45 grams; $50 (stainless), $60 (black);


Gloves Made for the Coldest Races. The last few years have seen the pro peloton battered by wind, rain and cold in the early part of the European season, and the Tempesto glove is one solution. Outdry material, treated with a water repellant and windproof membrane, keeps the elements out while Dryzone lining keeps you toasty inside, but never sweaty, because it quickly wicks moisture away. Long neoprene cuffs slide under your jacket to keep your wrists covered. $90;

untitledA Shoe So Sexy it Gets a XXX Rating. A mixture of a simple Clarino microfiber upper wrapped around your foot by dual Boas with a Velcro strap at the forefoot. The XXX carbon sole is the lightest and stiffest made by Bontrager. For those riders craving more room for toes, inForm adds room while keeping your foot stable and locked to the outsole, helped by the non-slip fabric at the heel. At 269 grams for a size 45, the shoe is stiff enough for the biggest sprinters and light enough for the slimmest climbers. 269 grams (size 45); $399;

clement-lcv-angleA Road Tire from the Masters of Dirt. Clément has a well-deserved reputation for making ’cross and gravel tires and is now turning its attention to the road. The LCV, following Clément’s tradition of naming a tire with the airport code of a location where it would excel, is named for Lucca, Italy, and its famed riding and racing scene. The tire employs a casing with a variable thread count that goes as high as 240 TPI for a supple ride, but like any good Clément tire it can handle less-than-ideal conditions with integrated puncture protection 23/25/28mm; 180g (23mm) $75;