September 28, 2015 – The motocross brand 100% started with a sticker and a few accessories, but the idea, ‘Ride 100%’, was so infectious it wasn’t long before many superstars of ’80’s motocross were flying the 100% sticker on their helmets or chest protectors – for free. From that was born t-shirts, number plates, graphics and eyewear – which is what %100 is really known for in motocross circles today.


As it turns out, a lot of motocross riders are avid cyclists, using the bike to fine tune the fitness necessary to compete at the highest level. Naturally, %100 began translating its vast goggle experience into performance glasses for the bike and the %100 Speedcraft was created.

100% Speedcraft glasses come in two versions, the long lens and the short lens, LL and SL, and it’s the long lens that really flaunts the company’s heritage. The single lens shield is a huge panorama of near flawless optical plastic that offers protection similar to goggles. Behind the mighty shield high-speed descending, nasty weather and blustery wind all feel less chaotic, less dangerous. But extra space between face and shield and two air scoops under the nose piece allow air to circulate calmly reducing fogging. The large lens makes the Speedcraft ideal for riders that prefer a very aggressive position. The lens extends well beyond typical fields of view, especially above, so you have a clear field of view without lifting your head when in the drops or even aero bars. The Speedcraft is without equal in this regard.


Both the long and short lens 100% Speedcraft share many other features mandatory to a quality set of riding glasses – hydrophobic rubber pads at the nose and temples, hydrophobic and anti reflective lens coatings, ultralight construction and a secure fit that plays nicely with bike helmets. The lens selection is huge – clear, blues, reds, yellows, greens, bronze, rose. We’ve been in the mirrored red lens, recommended for full sun road or trail riding but have found them versatile enough to excel everywhere from a foggy morning to a midday scorcher.

The large shield nestled nicely under every helmet we tested it with – Kask, Bontrager, Specialized and Lazer – with no interference. The ear pieces did bump up against the rear cradle of the Kask Protone, making them not a great fit for that specific helmet.


Be warned 100% Speedcraft LL colors are bright, the lenses huge and you will be noticed as you roll up for the group ride. Best to ensure you have the legs to cash the check these glasses write. If you’re not sure you’re up to it, go for the short lens version, but we recommend training at 100% and earning a set of Speedcraft LL.
Price: $175-$195 Weight: 35grams (LL) More: