Want to really turn heads at the next party on your schedule or around the table at a holiday dinner? Forget Germany. Forget Belgium. Forget the hippest micro brew in town and take a quick trip to Asia with us from issue 26 of peloton, our East themed offering.

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale: Kiuchi Brewery, Japan Add some color to your dinner party. This Red Rice Ale is equally shocking in color as it is in flavor. A distinct, sour-fruity taste meets a strong Belgian pale ale.

Samurai Barley Ale: Swan Lake Brewery, Japan As any ancient warrior would, we were a bit hesitant to consume the a ‘sweet’ beer, but got over it quickly after repeated attempts. There’s a touch of bitterness and a ‘musky’ overtone.

Hue Beer: Perfume River, Vietnam This elixir has been imported since 1994. There’s not a ton of flavor, but it’s a perfect choice for after a long, hot ride, or for those rare weekends when you choose yard work over a ride.

Lucky Buddha: Cheerday Brewery, China Ok, we picked this one because of the bottle. Blame us? Hints of corn and rice with a strong initial flavor, it goes down easy, has nice carbonation and is enlightened.

Saigon Export: Saigon Beer Corp, Vietnam Nice golden, crisp beer from Vietnam. Refreshing and stable. Of course, if Vietnamese food is available in your neighborhood, this is a great choice.

Hitachino Nest White Ale: Kiuchi Brewery, Japan Created in the Witbier style, this is probably our favorite beer of the group. The cloudy color, flavor, citrus hints and overall package won us over. Serve a in a cold glass and bring peace to you and your loved ones.