The 2020 Tour de France is a go. We will bring it to you.   Image by Chris Auld

All of us at Peloton magazine are excited to reveal some unique and key partnerships for the 2020 Tour de France—which is due to start in Nice on August 29.


First of all, we are again producing the Official Tour de France Guide for North America. Starting on August 10 , you will be able to pre-order your collectable edition of the Official 2020 Tour de France Guide at  It won’t be boring. Yes, there will be intimate details of all the stages and teams, but there is also wine, beer, cheese, travel and a few surprises—including some from New York Times photographer and essayist Rebecca Marshall. So, we have you covered on print and digital.

Next, we are partnering with the just-launched “La Course En Tête” website, featuring world-respected cycling journalists and authors William Fotheringham, Jeremy Whittle, Peter Cossins, Sadhbh O’Shea and Sophie Smith, who will be bringing you race analysis and insight from the Tour de France. In addition to their daily coverage on, the reporters will produce five of our Aérogramme podcasts during the race from August 29 to September 20. So, we also have you covered for online and audio.

In addition, talented U.K. commentator and journalist Anthony McCrossan will be on site at every stage of the Tour to bring Peloton readers and followers daily video recaps of the race, along with special guests and commentary, directly after the end of each stage! So, we have you covered for video, too!

What’s more, renowned British photographer and longtime Peloton contributor Chris Auld will be providing our digital followers unforgettable imagery daily for all our social channels.

Make sure to visit and follow us at for all the coverage and visit the, beginning August 10, to pick up your collectable Official Tour de France Guide—don’t worry, we will remind you daily!