Quick Hit: Küat Piston Pro X Küat's most premium, feature-filled rack ever

Küat just took a huge step forward in rack design. The feature-filled Piston Pro X has hydro-pneumatic tire arms (like those that hold your car trunk open) that raise with the touch of a button and can be adjusted to fit 18- to 29-inch wheels, as well as tires up to 5 inches wide. And with an aluminum construction, durable Kashima coating and solid steel hitch, it’s built for serious use, handling two bikes up to 67 pounds each. That means even e-bikes are fair game. There’s no need to worry about lifting those heavy bikes onto the rack, though. The hydro-pneumatic arms extend around to the ground so that, with an accessory, they can be used as ramps to load up bikes. Küat really has thought of everything.

Need to haul more bikes? There are options for a one- or two-bike add-on, which, like the two bike trays on the rack itself, are tiered for better clearance. Integrated LED taillights add an extra layer of security, mirroring your car’s lights, while a semi-integrated cable lock provides peace of mind during roadside stops. At $1,389, this is by far Küat’s most premium model, but it doesn’t make any compromises.

$1,389; kuat.com