Peloton X Specialized Chapter 4: The 2020 Specialized Roubaix Words by Brad Roe, Images by Chris Auld

On our late-winter adventure with Specialized we spent an unforgettable day riding around the Ardèche region of France, a beautiful area that perfectly caters to cyclists in the know. Close to the Specialized office outside of Valence in the Rhône Valley, this trip allowed us to try out three different versions of the 2020 Specialized Roubaix.


This is a bike that in 2020 is lighter than the Venge, more aero than the Tarmac and presented as the most technically advanced machine Specialized has ever made.

We spent the day on the Roubaix Pro, an S-Works Roubaix with Di2 and an S-Works Roubaix with SRAM eTap. The Roubaix line features models with prices ranging from $2,200 for a base model to an S-Works Roubaix with SRAM eTap coming in at $11,500.

All models we rode featured the Future Shock 2.0, which offers 20mm of axial compliance at the stem created by a hydraulic dampener. It’s adjustable on-the-fly to fit your ride needs—and it works.

For more info on the Specialized Roubaix head here.

It was difficult though to focus on the tech features of the 2020 Roubaix when our eyes and ears were bombarded with ancient stone walls, serpentine roads and seemingly endless routes around the Ardèche. Gushing streams were always near and steep, two- to three-minute climbs were around every turn. The cobbled streets of the small villages added another element to our adventure as did the occasional veering onto an impressive lineup of gravel roads.

It was a combination of a new bike, unfamiliar roads in historic villages of two to three hundred people and lack of plans that made this full day of riding something to look back on with a smile, especially now that travel is so limited and the world is only just opening back up to riding with friends in faraway places.

When you can, check out the 2020 Specialized Roubaix and add in a little Ardèche when possible. It’s a great combination.