Peloton X Bontrager: The Coastal Climb Words by William Tracy; Images by Jordan Clark Haggard

We love riding along the coast. The salt-tinged ocean breeze, the mist from breaking waves, the cool weather—it all makes for a pleasant day on the bike. But at the end of a trip down the coastline, we’re often left wanting for vertical elevation. Rising above this coastal town of Ventura, California, about an hour’s drive north from Los Angeles, Grant Park offers a quick and easy opportunity to pick up some additional vertical elevation, and score some great views at the same time.


Today, we have the park’s pristine roads almost entirely to ourselves. Closed off to car traffic for now, the park is occupied by only the occasional hiker or jogger headed up the steep inclines. We happily loop around the park, riding up one climb and descending back down to start another. Several short, quick pitches make this a perfect spot for repeats and casual rides alike. And rolling along on Bontrager’s Aeolus Pro 37 wheels, which weigh just a touch over 1,500 grams, makes racking up the elevation simple.

At the top of the park, stopped next to one of the many patches of yellow wildflowers still dotting the park thanks to the mild, coastal weather, we take in the view of the city below. All the hallmarks of a coastal town are here, down to the eucalyptus trees edging up to the water and a pier cutting through the local surf break. With a vista like this, it’s not hard to see why the Women’s Tour of California rode around this park last year. Though those racers probably didn’t get to enjoy their time here as much as we have.

As we rip down the descents, it’s not hard to believe these wheels have the exact same rim profile as Bontrager’s premier-level Aeolus RSL 37 wheels. They’re quick! Rolling along on DT Swiss 350 hubs, these 37mm-deep wheels seem to pick up more and more speed. It’s quite incredible what $1,300 wheels can do these days.

When we return to the coast, we continue to take advantage of the speed of this brand new rim shape, riding swiftly towards home on the recently re-surfaced bike path, content from a beautiful day of riding.

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