Italy: Milan’s Galmozzi From issue 11 | Words/images by Rory Mason

Galmozzi shut its Milan doors as a frame building concern in the mid ‘70s but recently the proud rooster has undergone something of a renaissance among vintage bike collectors. A frame built by Francesco Galmozzi, or his son Angelo, is a prized discovery these days. Francesco was a co-founder of seminal Gloria Cycles, the shop that gave names like Ernesto Colnago, Cino Cinelli and Fraliero Masi their start. This 1950 Galmozzi with Campagnolo Cambio Corsa is one of the earliest restored Galmozzis in existence. The frame, complete with period-correct Columbus decals, was restored for Rory Mason by Giovanni Pelizzoli, better know as CIOCC. While a discerning collector may complain the bike is not entirely “period,” Mason restored this Galmozzi, his “Holy Grail,” as much to ride as collect.

From issue 11. Buy it here.