The focus at peloton is to create a premium print title supported by a dynamic web, film and video platform. The print product will feature high-quality matte paper, innovative and modern design and words and images from new voices and trusted journalists in the world of cycling. You will see product reviews and bike tests alongside long-form journalism and photo-intensive features.

Created by the Move Press team to offer both reader and advertiser a calm, uncluttered, dynamic and inspiring web experience, will offer Choice Based Advertising (CBA). Move Press promises to sell interactive advertising focused on the reader by section. “We won’t ask our audience to endure advertising that doesn’t suit their interests and we won’t ask advertisers to pay for impressions that simply won’t have an impact,” says Move Press Advertising Director, Adam Reek. “The majority of our ads will be delivered once a reader has committed to a story or channel, that will ensure readers see only ads that suit their interests and will provide the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for our advertisers.” Six premium positions are available to clients.

One of the most exciting features of the Move Press platform was partnering with Ben Edwards. All video reviews and features will now be part and we will continue to test bikes, products and pursue special features under the new Move Press brand. Video bike reviews, product evaluations and in-depth technical offerings will be featured in the peloton film and video section.

A key component to the Move Press platform is to launch a feature length film with every issue on the newsstand. These films, distributed both online and in traditional DVD format, will offer not only a glimpse into the theme of the peloton issue, but will further the storytelling focus of Move Press. Each film will have one title sponsor.

Contact Adam Reek, or Robert Rex, to secure your advertising.